Mizue Fashion Therapist

Mizue FUKUSHIMA, Fashion Therapist

It is said that people make 55% of their impressions based on visual information within 0.5 seconds of meeting, and they carry that impression with them for three years. Given these characteristics, putting on makeup, styling your hair, and dressing yourself may be a powerful way to create your inner desires for the outside world.

As you become aware of your own attractiveness, your confidence grows, and your individuality shines through, finally becoming the power to make your dreams and desires come true.

My job as a fashion therapist is to support this process through fashion.kei


Through TV dramas, movies, commercials, events, personal stylist, kimono dressing, other seminars, and radio appearances, she conveys the “power of clothes” and “the meaning of wearing”.

She integrates the theory of craniofacial correction that she learned from Dr. Kouji Tomo Katsuyama, a leading expert in beauty correction (certified beauty correction school), into her own make-up techniques.

Japan Cosmetics Certification Level 1, Cosmetic Concierge, NLP Tapping Therapy Level 2, Certified Tapping Therapist

We support each person’s different beauty from four perspectives.

Knowing and adjusting the structure of your face and muscles

Bringing out beauty based on individuality

Enhance your face and body

Enjoy dressing as self-expression

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