Mizue FUKUSHIMA, Fashion Therapist


It is said that people make 55% of their impressions based on visual information within 0.5 seconds of meeting, and they carry that impression with them for three years. Given these characteristics, putting on makeup, styling your hair, and dressing yourself may be a powerful way to create your inner desires for the outside world.

As you become aware of your own attractiveness, your confidence grows, and your individuality shines through, finally becoming the power to make your dreams and desires come true.

My job as a fashion therapist is to support this process through fashion.kei


Through TV dramas, movies, commercials, events, personal stylist, kimono dressing, other seminars, and radio appearances, she conveys the “power of clothes” and “the meaning of wearing”.

She integrates the theory of craniofacial correction that she learned from Dr. Kouji Tomo Katsuyama, a leading expert in beauty correction (certified beauty correction school), into her own make-up techniques.

Japan Cosmetics Certification Level 1, Cosmetic Concierge, NLP Tapping Therapy Level 2, Certified Tapping Therapist

We support each person’s different beauty from four perspectives.

Face Adjustment
Knowing and adjusting the structure of your face and muscles

Bringing out beauty based on individuality

Enhance your face and body

Fashion Coordination
Enjoy dressing as self-expression

Face Adjustment

Originate from Japan, full face adjustment is a new revolution in beauty industry. It’s popular in face reshaping without surgery and medication. This treatment is mainly focus in reshaping unbalance face by only adjusting bones suture, muscles and soft tissues. The effect of the treatment is immediate with no side effects! It is 100% safe and natural! From uneven face, lower nose bridge, double chin problem, wide zygomatic bone to a balanced face!

The bones of the head consist of 23 bones connected together

The fascia that surrounds the bones is slightly contracted or loosened due to chewing, vision, the hand that holds the bag, and other factors. It is not uncommon for the left and right sides to be out of balance. However, if they remain misaligned all the time or if only one side is stressed, facial distortion and edema will result. This treatment uses a soft touch to correct the distortion of the fascia at the sutures of the skull, thereby realigning the face. This treatment is completely painless and relaxing.

Facial Sequence

A blissful relaxation massage that gently realigns the skeletal structure and muscles of the face with a soft touch. A relaxing and painless facial massage that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. The treatment takes about 1 hour, including changing of clothes.

  • 100 USD (tax not included) / 45 min.


This menu brings out the beauty of your face based on your personality. We will look at your facial structure, muscles, skin texture, and skin tone, and listen to your image of “the person you want to be”. We will respond to your desire to shine brighter than usual when you dress up, whether in clothes or kimono.

Many people usually imitate the makeup methods taught in cosmetics shops or found in magazines or on the Internet. However, each person’s face is unique in terms of bone structure, muscles, skin texture, skin tone, etc., and the image of “who you want to be” is also different. In the makeup lesson, we will give you advice on professional makeup techniques that will bring out the best in your face. You will learn one-on-one how to choose and use makeup tools, and how to make your desired self come true through makeup application.

Comments from customers

Every woman’s wish is to have a radiance that matches her age. I took a makeup lesson with Ms. Ruiei, and she taught me how to make up my eyebrows and eyes, which are the key points of a mask face, using the Corona Disaster. It was a very enjoyable time for me, and I was surprised and delighted to see that my eyes gave me a strong look and my eyebrows became more youthful. I realized again the importance of makeup! Thank you very much.
(Ms. K, 70s, female)

I am going to enjoy wearing makeup from now on. I was surprised to learn that the cosmetics I usually use can be changed so much depending on how I use them. I am going to buy what I am missing and try to enjoy makeup from now on!
(Female, 40s)

Private Makeup Lesson

  • 200 USD (tax not included) / 1 hour
  • One point 100 USD (tax not included) / 30 min.
  • Base makeup + one point 150 USD (tax not included) / 1h 30 min
  • Base Makeup + One Point + Eyebrows 200 USD / 1h 30 min
  • Total make-up of the person you want to be (1 pattern)
  • If you would like more than 2 patterns, please feel free to contact us. 250 USD (tax not included) / 2 hours

Make-up group lesson

For a group of 3 or more friends who would like to take a lesson together.
The price will vary depending on the number of people and the content. Please feel free to contact us. From 100 USD per person (tax not included)

Makeup Lessons for Guests – 5 makeup lessons

  • Basic Course (5 lessons, 2 hours per lesson) 1000 USD (tax not included)
  • Lectures on make-up for kimono and stage performances. 1500 USD (tax not included) 
    Basic + Advanced Course (5 sessions, 2 hours 30 minutes per session)

Makeup Lecturer – Makeup Seminar Instructor

We accept requests to teach makeup seminars to help you become the person you want to be.
We will lecture on professional techniques according to the number of participants and your requests.

  • 200 USD (tax not included) / 1 hour

Hair Styling

This menu beautifully enhances the balance of your face and entire body. We will propose a hair style that suits the balance of the whole body and hair texture, listening to your TPO and wishes. Back view, profile, and various facial expressions. We will create a hair style that enhances the beauty of your face in any situation.

  • 200 USD(tax not included) / 1 hour

Private Hair Styling Lesson

We will listen to your concerns such as “I end up with the same hair style every day” or “I don’t know what hair style suits me best” and suggest a hair style that complements your face. This is a one-on-one service where you will learn how to take care of your hair, how to choose hair styling products and tools, and how to use them so that you can start practicing by yourself tomorrow.

  • 250 USD (tax not included) / 1 hr. 30 min.

Fashion Coordination

This menu allows you to realize the person you want to be and enjoy dressing as a form of self-expression. I always wear the same clothes, but I wonder if they suit me. There are clothes I want to wear, but I don’t know how to wear them,” “I want to be able to dress according to my age! We will respond to your sincere concerns and requests. This menu is designed to help you learn about “fashion that enhances your personality” according to your body shape, face, and inner self, and to enjoy putting it into practice in your daily life.

Personal fashion coordination & Accompanied Shopping

This service is designed to solve your fashion problems such as “I don’t know what to buy when I go shopping,” or “I have my own tastes, but I always end up wearing the same coordinated outfits. Based on the results of the fashion counseling and personal color diagnosis you received in advance, a professional stylist will accompany you shopping and give you a lecture on how to select and style fashion items that will bring out your new charm.

  • 500 USD (tax not included) / about 5 hours

Service Flow and Approximate Time
1) Fashion counseling 1 hour
2) Personal color diagnosis: 30 min.
3) Accompanying shopping 2-3 hours
4) Hair and makeup advice 1 hour


For reservations and instructor requests, please email us.
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